7 Ways to Make Your Crush Fall in Love With You

7 Ways to Make Your Crush Fall in Love With You

Some point in life, everyone has a crush, and then, the only desire in life seems to be that the crush should somehow fall in love with you. Call it infatuation or call it naivety, having a crush is very much real and the interplay of emotions during that period in life is something worth experiencing! Whether you should continue pursuing your crush or let him go as it is only a momentary fondness for someone triggered by some unruly hormones in your body, is another matter altogether. But it would be really interesting to know the person better, and for that you need to make him fall for you much as you fell for him. And this is really not any rocket science. You only need to befriend him and then take it a notch higher to add the extra spice! Listed here are 7 ways to make your crush fall in love with you.

1. Look good

Forget all the moral lessons given to you over the years! Looks do matter. Period. Of course, it is not the only attribute that constitutes a good human being, but it is one important factor that affects a person’s likability, no matter how unfair it may sound. If you want your crush to fall in love with you, you have to look good so that he wants to be with you in the first place. People are naturally attracted to people who are attractive. Take care of your appearance, clothes and personal hygiene and start off the game of charming him.

2. Get noticed

You have to ensure that he notices you well before he begins to fall in love with you. Unless he knows that you exist, there is really no point. Act casual, enter his circle of vision and ensure that he notices you. If you stay out of his sight, he might never know you. Do not get nervous and take care not to make yourself look silly.

3. Show interest

If you have an opportunity to strike a conversation or to sit together or to get involved in some activity together, grab it without hesitating. You must look interested in him for him to take notice of you. Listen to him when he speaks, pay compliments, thank him for his help and he will make a mental of it thereby remembering you, and this opens up avenues for a second meet up.

4. Make a common friend

Befriend a friend of your crush. It would be beneficial if the common friend too is a guy. You could know more about your crush through him. Also, your common friend could act as a bridge between the two of you thereby facilitating several things.

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