4 Reasons Why The Ratings of American Idol Have Fallen

4 Reasons Why The Ratings of American Idol Have Fallen

The sparks of the soap that created a blitzkrieg for thirteen long years have suddenly turned into ashes. It is poignant but factual that the reality saga that has dined with us every Thursday evening and been an instrumental part of our thoughts and discussions all week long is no more our shining star. Thirteen indeed, turned out to be a very unlucky number for American Idol as the season finale for the thirteenth season managed to entice only 6.6 million viewers, enthroning it to be the lowest-rated chapter in the history of Fox’s reality singing contest. This crown of thorns is too painful to bear by a show that has been a household name for over a decade. Let us figure what went wrong.

1. A drop in the quality of contestants

Thirteen years ago American Idol had hit our television sets with 10 finalists one better than the other, making the competition exciting and the choice on whom to vote an intricate decision. Viewers say that however as the years have gone by, the quality of the contestants on the show have drastically dropped. The lack of luster and pizzazz in the contestants have dried up with overflowing rivers of enthusiasm among American Idol fans.

2. The ruthless judges

The judges are often known to dish out more negative comments than required, especially Harry Connick, Jr., whose criticisms are frequently met with audible boos from the studio spectators. The extremely high level of harsh comments by the judges are said to be one of the influential factors to drive viewers from watching the show.

3. Too predicable after being around for so long

Waking up to the face of the same lover each morning too is difficult to be something one looks forward to. Let alone a show! Come to think of it, all its tricks are old. The audience is weary and can we blame them?

4. Better options to choose from

Thirteen years ago a reality show might have been not an alien concept. However, today with the number of reality shows over taking the idiot-box, the roving eye of the public has been unable to stay fixated at a show they know as much as any of their family members. After thirteen years, it is but humane for the audience to find much more interesting soaps to switch to.

American Idol enjoyed its pinnacle of glory for over a decade now. But all through the criticism and low viewer ship, American Idol is not ready to give up yet and is gearing up for its fourteenth season which is due on 14th January 14, 2015. Only time will tell if this was a bad choice or a good one. Let us wish them the later!

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