Top 3 Celebrity Twins

The word “celebrity” somehow piques our interest for several reasons. To it, if we can add something more to zing it up is the use, or rather involvement of the word “twin”. Yes, this interesting piece focuses on Hollywood celebrities who are twins! Check out the top Hollywood celebrity twins who dazzle along throughout their career.

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

1. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

These girls from the Olsen family have started acting ever since they were in diapers! That is correct. Remember the youngest kid in cradle from a show named “Full House” that mapped these girls? Then of course it was Disney productions that helped them grow in the entertainment industry. Now they want to be known as separate individuals for which they dropped the title of “The Olsen Twins” and now are happy to act like different people.

Photo Courtesy: david_shankbone

Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Dylan and Cole Sprouse

2. Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Talking about Disney and twins in Hollywood, the names of Dylan and Cole Sprouse cannot be kept away for long. These two kids debuted with “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” which was followed by “The Suite Life on Deck” series. Now they have become quite rich and famous way beyond their age!

Photo Courtesy: ronpaulrevolt2008

Joel and Benji Madden

Joel and Benji Madden

3. Joel and Benji Madden

These two are famous not for their band ‘Good Charlotte’ but are famous for dating celebrities like Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton. While Joel and Nicole are married and are blessed with two kids, Benji is still looking for his better half. They are the most popular among the rest of the members for all the media galore that they get. That probably makes them all the more in demand by shutterbugs!

Photo Courtesy:

  • Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
  • Dylan and Cole Sprouse
  • Joel and Benji Madden

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