7 Fun Things to Do When Out on a Boring Date

7 Fun Things to Do When Out on a Boring Date

If your date turns out to be boring and you are sitting there squatting flies or he has nothing to do or say, it is time for you to save the date. Make your date interesting by following some simple tricks. Here are 7 things that you could take an initiative for if your date turns out to be boring.

1. Suggest a movie

Since he is not interacting much or showing an interest and there are too many awkward pauses and silent moments then you could suggest that the two of you watch a movie. Dark movie halls and a romantic movie may help start up something like at least holding hands and making the night more worth it. You don’t even need to talk much.

2. Tell him fun anecdotes

You could be the talker or the ice breaker. Tell him fun stories about your roommate, hostel, college or something really hilarious about people at work. If he cracks up, he might come up with something interesting too, and it could lift the spirits of a boring evening.

3. Invite him home

Invite him home. He could see your house; you can watch TV, have popcorn, some beer and show him some old photographs.

4. Take him to a club

Take him to a club where you can have some drinks and dance. Dancing can really break the monotony and your date will become more fun and interesting.

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