6 Interview Questions Designed to Trick You

6 Interview Questions Designed to Trick You

If sitting through an interview and remembering things you had learnt wasn’t hard enough, there are questions in the interview that seem quite harmless but are in reality traps that you have to worry about. A degree relevant to your work or high grades in college alone aren’t enough anymore to get the job. You need to be committed, have extra abilities and certain personality traits to be chosen. And it is to find out every possible thing about you that some questions are ‘devious’. Be prepared, listen and read through the lines carefully and answer in a positive way. Here are some trick questions that you might be asked in an interview.

1. Why is there a break in your work history?

What they really want to know is if you had been lazing around not doing anything. Even if you had taken time off to do nothing, you have to tell them about the imaginary voluntary work you had been involved with. If you had taken time off to care for a sick parent, let them know. The employers don’t care about the time lost, they want to know what you did in that time.

2. What are the criticisms you have faced at work?

You could be untruthful and say that you have had not heard anyone criticize you. But the chances of the interviewers buying it are low to none. Or you could be smart and know that talking about the constructive criticisms and how you handled them is what they were looking for.

3. Describe a few instances where you have not gotten along with your team?

They want to know if you are a team player. Admit to a few instances where you did not want to be a part of the team, but let them know that you stayed put because you put the company before your interests and ego. If you want, you can embellish more and answer about how you devised ways to stay happy in the team.

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