5 Ways to Make New Year Resolutions that Help You Live Better

Ways to Make New Year Resolutions that Help You Live Better

Resolutions have become an inevitable part of the New Year. But does everyone stick to their resolutions? Many of us take unrealistic decisions that are tough to keep, while some make it just for breaking it. It is always better to decide something that can help you live better. So find out 5 ways to make New Year resolutions that help you live better.

1. Subscribe to stores

You keep a resolution that you will eat healthy fruits and vegetables this year. But what if you are just lazy to go to the market to get some fresh veggies and end up ordering a pizza? Here is a way out. You can get an annual subscription from the Veggie or fruit store and get your weekly delivery of fresh items. So, you have no way out and will stick to your resolution.

2. Save money the wise way

Your resolution for the year is to save money. But, what if you adjust your monthly savings to the shopping budget every time? Set up an automatic monthly transfer to another account of yours. So, you spend within the budget and save simultaneously.

3. Get a pet

Sometimes, hitting the gym as part of your resolution towards fitness might not work. The best option is to buy a dog and go for a walk with it daily. This is one option you can never avoid, and you just watch your fitness after that. Fit as a fiddle, that would be you!

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