5 Mistakes to Avoid If You are a Divorced Mom

5 Mistakes to Avoid If You are a Divorced Mom

Balancing the thin line between being a divorcee and a mother can be very tricky, especially if your child is very young. With the divorce of parents, things can get extremely confusing, frustrating and agonizing. First they see you separating, having fights behind closed doors, if it’s due to infidelity the child may think that he or she has been dumped too. So if you are a divorced mother, here are 5 things that you should avoid.

1. Blaming your spouse for whatever happened

Sometimes when parents get divorced children can take a harsh beating. They want to blame someone and of whatever they hear, they may tend to develop negative feelings towards one parent. Hold him responsible for the same. Sometimes, this frustration might even be directed towards you. You need to understand that it is a rough phase for them. Make sure you help them see things as they are.

2. Poisoning your child’s mind

The issues between a man and wife should not spill into their relationship with their children. He may not have been a good husband but you have no right to make him appear as a bad father unless your child shares issues of his or her own. You cannot impose your feelings on them.

3. Not telling the kids that it isn’t their fault

Most children tend to be very emotional and sensitive, especially when they are really young and they don’t understand why everything is changing around them; their parents parting ways, the fights and the emotional trauma. It’s too difficult to deal with. Invariably, children tend to blame themselves. You need to talk to them as their mother and explain that they have nothing to do with it.

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