7 Foods to Eat Post-Workout

7 Foods to Eat Post-Workout

A workout session can be grueling at times. It is important to have those foods which would help you to regain the lost energy post workout. Protein should be the main source of food post workout, as it helps to build the lost stamina and repairs muscle loss. Listed below are some foods to eat post-workout that can help to regain the lost stamina, read on.

1. Protein shake

Protein shake can be easily digested after a workout. Use protein powder or whey protein for the shake. Add some berries in the shake. The whey or shake will provide the protein and berries would provide the required carbs to the body post workout.

2. Muesli and yogurt

Muesli is rich in carbs, fiber and protein; you must to have this after your workout session. As yogurt is rich in protein, it can be taken along with muesli. This helps to prevent the muscle stiffness caused by a tiring workout session. Replace yogurt with milk, if you are fond of milk.

3. Smoothies

Yogurt smoothies are tasty and they help to prevent muscle soreness after a workout session. Smoothies are rich in amino acids which also help in muscle recovery. Take a part of yogurt and some banana puree; add some grounded flax powder for the goodness of omega 3. Blend all the three ingredients and your delicious smoothie is ready. This must be included after a post workout gym session.

4. Steamed veggies with tofu

It is important to include protein in your diet post workout. Have a cup of steamed veggies along with tofu. This helps to maximize the benefit of exercise. As tofu is rich in protein content, it helps to prevent the muscle stiffness caused by a workout session.

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