4 Ways to Know If He is Serious About the Relationship

 Ways to Know If He is Serious About the Relationship

There are times when friendships or crushes turn a little more serious and heavy and you are left wondering if you are the only person feeling this way or if he too shares similar feelings for you. There are other times though when you have been going steady for a while and yet you are racked with doubts about how committed he is to you and the relationship. Instead of wracking your head and losing sleep over this, you can start looking for some tell-tale signs that will tell you if he is serious or if he is going to bolt out of the relationship soon. Knowing about his intentions about you and the relationship will give you enough space and time to decide if he is worth it. Here are some ways to now if he is serious about the relationship.

1. He takes you to meet his friends

This is one sure way to know if he is serious about the relationship. Instead of flaunting you around or hiding you from his friends and instead he takes you out with his friends for a lunch date, camping or hiking trips, you can be safe in the knowledge that he is serious about the relationship. Guys think a lot about bringing a woman inside their friends circle. If you are a part of the gang, it only shows that he is quite serious.

2. He invites you and takes you along to almost all of his family celebrations

In addition to inviting you to all the celebrations and holidays with his family, he will also cook up new ways and reasons for you to spend time with his mother. If a guy tries hard to make sure that you and his mother get along well, he sure is considering you and the relationship quite serious.

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