6 Fun Anniversary Gift Ideas

6 Fun Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversaries are occasions that demand a special gift for the couple to mark a celebration of their being made for each other – a gift that matches the couple’s age, personalities and tastes. Here’s how you can select some special gifts for a special occasion. These gifts can be given by a husband to a wife or vice versa or by a common friend of the couple to both of them.

1. Hammock

Irrespective of the couple living in a tiny apartment or a sprawling garden bungalow, there’s always place for a hammock to be tied! A hammock is one of the most relaxing furniture pieces that a couple can have in their home. In an apartment, the hammock can be tied to two pillars inside the bedroom and in a bungalow setup, two trees in the garden/yard would work best to get a hammock and their feet up in the air.

2. Wine tasting sessions

If the couple lives close to a wine producing region, or if you are willing to fly them, gifting them a wine tasting session coupon would be a great anniversary gift idea. In addition to a joyride to their tastebuds, the couple will get plenty of time to spend with each other in the lap of nature. This will be more than a gift to them considering everyone’s busy lives these days.

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3. Interesting bed linen

Although this is a traditional and tested gift idea, it’s also very beautiful. Add a small twist to this anniversary gift idea. Many not-for-profit organizations that work for the development of arts and handicrafts have physically challenged people who create beautiful handicrafts, handmade items and quilts. Buy a pre-ordered custom made quilt from them with the couple’s names written on it. Through this purchase, you are not only buying the couple a gift but also making a contribution on their behalf to charity. A good deed for a good day!

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