12 Ways to Keep Him Happy All the Time

12 Ways to Keep Him Happy All the Time
If you wish to keep your man happy all the time then this desire is really sweet. Here are some tips which will help you keep him happy each and every day.

1. Enhance the things that first attracted him towards you

Take care of your hair if he got attracted to it first. On the other hand, if he likes your smile or your body then maintain it. This will help him remember that you are awesome forever.

2. Help your man with his life

Men behave manly all the time but sometimes they are in a mess. They simply won’t tell you about the messy situation. So, if you think that your man is in some kind of trouble, then motivate him and help him achieve his goals. Talk about his dreams and tell him that you are there for him every time.

3. Indulge in some really romantic and cute gestures

Make a sweet gesture out of the blue and you will get to see a wide smile. For instance, if he is feeling cold on a winter night, just make a cup of hot coffee without him asking you for it. Put it on his desk, kiss his forehead, give him a cute smile and walk away. He will definitely be glad that you are a part of his life.

4. Don’t let him take you for granted

Men get bored of women who don’t give them any challenges. So, make sure that you have your own stand on things. Don’t just nod on his opinions or wishes. This is really not a loving gesture. Instead, throw some tantrums and let him pamper you sometimes.

5. Make him a little insecure and talk to other guys

You must have some good male and female friends. Talk to them and go out with them often. This will let your man know that you are loved by a lot of people. This will also make him protective of you. Men are possessive by nature. So, use this trait and draw some advantages from it. Bring something for your man whenever you go out with your friends. Call him once or twice and he will feel happy because you don’t forget him even when you are busy with your friends.

6. Men love to feel manly and helpful

So, ask for his heal at the right times. You can ask him the right way, about a good mall, about a good food joint or just to hold some of your shopping bags.

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