13 Reasons For Stomach Pain

13 Reasons For Stomach Pain

It happens a lot of times that your stomach starts to hurt suddenly, and you don’t know why. The reasons or the causes behind the pain don’t strike you immediately, and you end up wrongly analyzing your pain, which sometimes leads to wrong kind of self-medication as well. Before this self-medication starts to have allergic reactions or complicates the problem and leads to side effects, it’s better to keep yourself equipped with the knowledge of possible factors behind stomach pain. Here are some of the top reasons behind stomach pain, and you’ll be surprised to know how many of them you were unaware of.

1. Gallstones

When there are solid deposits that accumulate in your abdomen, they refer to as gallstones. Women are more susceptible to developing these than men. The pain caused by gallstones mostly happens in the right side of the abdomen, especially after you’ve had heavy meals. If you suspect this problem, you must visit the doctor soon.

2. Menstrual Cramps

Sometimes you don’t realize it, but your stomach could be feeling uncomfortable just before your period is about to begin. There could be hormonal changes happening that might be causing the pain and discomfort. Try and calculate your date from the last month and see if the period is about to start, and then take measures to cure the pain accordingly.

3. Hunger

If you haven’t eaten for a long time, then the hunger could be causing ‘gas’ inside your stomach, and could be resulting in the pain. This is the reason why doctors and parents keep on insisting that you eat your meals on time and don’t skip them too much.

4. Overeating

When you are eating beyond your capacity and are overstuffing your stomach with food, then chances are that your intestines will feel strained, and that will cause your stomach to hurt. Always make it a point to eat in the right quantities so that your stomach can properly digest and process the food that you are eating.

5. Medication Side Effects

Some kinds of strong medication that you may be taking for a particular disease or ailment can cause ulcers or swelling in the stomach lining. This is especially very common in medicines that contain aspirin and ibuprofen. Usually, once your medicinal course is over, the medication side effects also start to fade away, which means your pain will go away. In worse cases, talk to your doctor who will either alter your doses, or will give you additional medicines to deal with the stomach problem.

6. Lactose Intolerance

Maybe you are lactose intolerant and have by mistake consumed a dish or food item that contained some dairy product. That can cause bloating and discomfort, sometimes accompanied with burping and gas. The best way to avoid this kind of stomach pain is to avoid dairy products altogether.

7. Food Poisoning

This is pretty common with people who are dependent on outside food a lot, or with kids who are exposed to contaminated food from outside all the time. Food poisoning leads to viruses and bacteria entering inside your body and causing vomiting, abdominal pain, problems in the bowel movement and a lot more. A combination of medication and light home-cooked meals sorts out the problem in most cases.

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