4 Ways to Keep Finding More About Your Partner’s Emotions

Ways to Keep Finding More About Your Partner’s Emotions

Not everyone can be in constantly tune with what the other person thinks or feels. Staying in tune with a partner’s emotions is very essential to a relationship. There are time when you just cannot talk with each other and both of you need some space for yourselves. Sometimes without you telling him anything, you would expect him to know what is going through your mind. But when he is brooding or sulking you may get angry or not bother with him at all. In such cases you should not let your partner to his own devices but try to find out how he feels. Instead of bugging him with constant questions and other things, you should find out other ways in which you can find out more about how he feels. Here are some ways in which you can keep finding more about your partner’s emotions.

1. Look out for the subtle hints

When your partner does not want to talk about his emotions or how he feels but you notice a change in him, start looking out for the subtle hints or the subtle changes in him. If something is bothering him and he does not want to scare you with it, he may keep it to himself but you may see him lost in his thoughts or thinking about something with a worried look on his face. If he is not telling you, maybe there is a good reason for it and you should let it lie till he finds a good time to share it with you. But by looking for these subtle changes and hints he’s giving you, you can know what he is feeling.

2. Look at him closely

Look at him when he thinks he is alone. People deep into their thoughts seldom realize that they are being looked at. Do not make your concern obvious but always keep an eye on your partner to know his various expressions. When you have known your partner for long, you would also know their moods and their little expressions. When you notice keenly, you can find out about their emotions with their behaviour-wither the changes in them or the lack of it.

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