5 Signs You are too Good for Him

5 Signs You are too Good for Him

Are you in a relationship where you know things aren’t working well between the two of you and yet you want to keep trying? Do your friends hate your boyfriend and always bring up the bad things about him when talking to you? You don’t want to let go because you only hope that someday things will be fine again. Well, there are some relationships were things can definitely be sorted out, but there are some where letting go is the best thing to do. So, here are 5 signs which will tell you if you are too good for him. These signs should help you decide on whether to stick with the relationship or end it soon.

1. He never pays

Different couples have different ways of managing their finance. Some like to do a fifty-fifty contribution to everything, some take turns, some pool funds. The basic idea is to maintain a balance and keep it close to equal. However, if you see that it is only you who is contributing all the money in your relationship, then it is high time you speak to him. You don’t want to lose all your hard-earned money for some guy who may or may not even be there in your future.

2. He is addicted to porn

Almost every guy has some porn collection and enjoys watching a bit of porn from time to time. Many a times, they try to learn new techniques from such movies and try to apply it while making love to their girlfriend. Well, all that is normal. But if your guy is completely obsessed about porn and his collection is way too large, this isn’t a safe sign. No guy with a sexy girlfriend should require that amount of porn.

3. He isn’t serious about his job

If he has a secure job and pays enough so that he can pay his own bills, things are good. Most people start working by the age of 20, and only then can they dream for a brighter future. If you’re out their working while your boyfriend is doing nothing but sitting at home, it’s time for you to move out. A point to remember though would be that if your boyfriend is an artist or a photographer or is in some unusual profession and he is struggling to make his mark, and you can see him trying, then you could surely give him more time.

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