6 Reasons You must Respect Yourself

Reasons You must Respect Yourself

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” – Gautama Buddha
Respect yourself and the world will respect you. People will only respect you for what you are and not what you have. Self respect is the biggest asset you can ever have. When you are honest in your thoughts, it will show in your action. Listed below are some reasons you must respect yourself.

1. It helps to build confidence

Respect is important because it will increase your confidence level. When you get dominated by others, you lose your self-worth. If you respect yourself, you would have the power to face any situation. That in turn will build a strong confidence level. Respect is important because it is what you are.

2. It teaches you to accept criticism

With self respect comes contentment. When you are high on self respect, you will be able to take criticism in a much better way. Mistakes will not affect you so much. You would take things in a good way. Had you been low on self respect, everything might have affected you then.

3. It shows you your worth

When you respect yourself, you also love yourself. There is a sense of self worth. You believe that you are the best in life. Nothing will affect you ever. Self worth also helps to build a strong confidence level. Facing tough situations in life becomes simple due to that.

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