5 Ways to Guess If Your Teenager has a Drug Problem

Ways to Guess If Your Teenager has a Drug Problem

Life for a teenager can be pretty difficult. They will have to deal with their own raging and confusing hormones and also deal with the reaction their erratic behavior attracts. Being a parent to a teenager can also be one of the most difficult things to do. From angelic kids, your teenagers suddenly morph into complete strangers and consider you their enemies. The change in their behavior can be attributed to a lot of factors and sometimes it can get scary and be because they have gotten into taking drugs. Drug taking is not a pretty sight or habit and it can be really damaging to a teenager. When it gets really bad, they can end up risking their lives or ending up messing up their future completely. You will have to monitor your teenager’s behavior constantly to see if they have gotten into the drug habit. What’s important is that you do not come across as a dictator. You will need to find out other subtle ways to notice changes in their behavior. Here are some ways to guess if your teenager has a drug problem.

1. Change in appearance

Although in the early stages of the habit, it would be difficult to notice any obvious difference, soon you will notice dark circles around their eyes, an unexplained loss in weight, bloodshot eyes and paler looking skin. When they become shifty and do not look you straight in the eye, it is time to get worried.

2. Falling grades

Although this is not a sure indication that your child is on drugs, a steep fall in their grades could sometimes mean that their attention is elsewhere. When they get into drugs, sometimes it is all that they can think about and they lose interest in academics. It is always better to find out what exactly is causing your teenager to fall behind in school.

3. Irregular sleeping patterns, eating habits and going out at odd times

When on drugs, they could go on staying awake for long periods of time. You will also find them sprawled out in the day and staying up the whole night. They will not be able to hold down food or start eating abnormally when they are on drugs. Going out in a hurry soon after a phone call is also suspicious and could be because someone scored them drugs.

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