5 Ways to Make Your Own Christmas Gifts

5 Ways to Make Your Own Christmas Gifts

There are two advantages to making your own Christmas gifts. The first and the most obvious one is that you will save a ton of money especially if your Christmas gift list is way too long. Second, you will add a personal touch to all the gifts that you are sending out. People find it easier to gift something they buy from a store, so when you end someone a handmade gift, they are bound to treasure it more than the other gifts. Another advantage would be that, your gifts will be truly unique and look nothing like the mass produced gifts that anyone can get at the store. There are so many ways by which you can make your own Christmas gifts. Here are a few.

1. Handmade cards

Nothing defines personal more than a handmade card. It is also very simple and easy to make. Get a lot of paper, thick ones. Some color pencils or water or oil colors if you choose to paint. Some ribbons. You can either make a card from pictures that you already have; this works best if you are sending a handmade card to a family member. There is just no limit to your creativity when you choose to make your own card. You can customize it the way you like and with the different software you can find online, you can design one in the computer and also take gorgeous printouts.

2. Christmas Stockings

Get a lot of colored thick woolen socks or stockings and fill them up with the cookies you bakes or the chocolates you made or bought. Tie it with a beautiful ribbon. If you take the time to make some designs on the stocking, people can also hang it on the wall after emptying it of all the contents.

3. Little snowmen

These are easy to make once you decide if you want to make them edible or non-edible. To be eatable, you can a a cookie or a pastry and make it look like little snowmen. Else you can add a lot of cotton and white tissue cloth to make little snowmen. Ad beads to make the eye and the nose and your little snowmen gifts can be hung on the Christmas tree.

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