5 Reasons to Use Beer for Great Hair

Reasons to Use Beer for Great Hair

In spite of making you feel good and quenching your thirst on a hot summer day or letting you have fun with friends on a night out, beer usually gets a bad rep for making you fat and giving you that infamous beer belly. But beer is not all that bad. You do not have to necessarily drink it to feel good. You can actually use beer to wash or rinse your hair to make it look great. True, it does not smell all that great and people might mistake you for having had a few beers, but the smell is nothing compared to all the awesomeness that beer can do to your hair. Women have been using this rinse for centuries and celebrities like Catherine Zeta Jones swear by the beer for their shiny and healthy mane. Here are some reasons you should use beer to get great hair.

1. It makes your hair healthy

Beer is made from barley and in spite of the fermentation process, a lot of vitamins and nutrients still remain and thus make a beer rinse healthy for your hair. Remember that beer works on hair that has already grown, so do not expect new growth. It just makes your existing mane fuller and healthier.

2. It makes your hair soft

The alcohol content in the beer removes all the dirt in your hair and also helps remove the frizz and the knots, thus making your hair soft and frizz free. It also acts as a great conditioner making your hair soft and flowing.

3. It repairs dried and damaged hair

The proteins found in the beer help repair dry and damaged hair. Keep washing your hair with beer to make it look healthy and luscious. It is also a good choice to repair split ends. But remember, split ends have other reasons too. So, hydrate and eat well to prevent split ends from appearing on your hair.

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