6 Tips to Plan An Office Party

6 Tips to Plan An Office Party

If it’s your task to arrange the party, pull up your socks. Get going, as this is the chance to give it your best shot. This can tag you in the good books of your boss. Planning an event in the workplace can be your chance to receive appreciation from your seniors. It’s not rocket science, but you need to organize the party with the best resources available, being creative and at the same time keeping the budget in mind. It’s imperative to decide in advance and to work accordingly, to ensure applauds and appreciation from coworkers and superiors. We provide you some tips to keep in mind in order to organize and lay everything in place before the event.

1. Fix the date

It’s important to fix the date, so as to help you choose the venue and to fix everything in advance. Ask suggestion for a convenient date for the event only if your office or department has less than 20 people. If the number of people attending the event is above 20, just set a date yourself and inform everyone. Do not inform anyone before you confirm the date.

2. Decide the venue

It’s great to organize the event at a smart place to make your coworkers feel valued. Decide whether you want to have a private party. If you decide to have the event in a restaurant, then book tables beforehand. Speak to the manager and know about the dress code. Also ask about the time limit that has been set by the venue’s management. It’s important to inquire about a few places before you settle for one. Don’t forget to speak to your superior for any confirmation. Make sure the venue is within your budget. You can take help from the Internet or get recommendations from friends who party frequently. It’s good to visit the venue and iron out any last minute problems which you would not be able to figure out on the day of the event.

3. Decorate the venue

Decoration is mostly done by venue organizers. It can also be arranged separately by a professional event organizer. You can give them your ideas or ask them about some unusual themes. You could probably decide a dress code according to the theme! Music, lights can all be set up by the organizer. Arrange and decide it yourself. Get inputs from coworkers but implement only what you think is best for all and can make the event the most memorable one.

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