4 Ways to Decide If You should Break Up

Ways to Decide If You should Break Up

To break up or not is a question and a decision that a lot of people grapple with in their everyday lives. Getting into a relationship is difficult enough and when you know that it is not working for you, getting out can be even more difficult. Breaking up with a person becomes difficult for various reasons. You do not want to get out of the comfort zone – you love to go back to someone even when that someone becomes difficult to live with. You are scared of being alone, you are scared of what the other person might end up doing, you are extremely nice and cannot break someone’s heart – the reasons to avoid a breakup are many. But you need to understand that if you feel like you need to break up with someone, you have to go ahead. Of course, you need to think about it a lot, and not break up because you had a silly fight. If you are convinced you need to get away, you have to go ahead with it as your needs come first before other people. Here are some ways to decide if you should break up.

1. Take a break for a while to see how you feel

If you are thinking of breaking up with someone, take a break, something like a trail period to see how life goes on without that person. Live life like you would if that person were not around. If you are comfortable and even enjoying the time out, maybe it is time you tell the other person that you want out of the relationship.

2. Try and be selfish for a while

If you are not a selfish person, try and be one for a while. Sometimes you need to just think about yourself and for yourself. When you are in this self centered mode, you will think more clearly about yourself. This concentrated thinking about one’s own self helps when it comes to breaking up. Your judgment won’t be clouded by what other people want or need from you.

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