7 Secrets to Build Lifelong Friendships

7 Secrets to Build Lifelong Friendships

Everyone needs someone to share their life with. Sometimes we find it impossible to share some things with our parents and partner. This is where a friend comes in! We can actually share anything with a friend. That’s what makes a friend so special. Friendship is much more than shopping together or watching the movies together. Friendship is about being there for each other. A true friendship can not only help you keep your friend with you all your life but it can also help you to have a strong love relationship. A little bit of friendship can save even the worst of relationships from breaking. Here are some secrets that can help you build lifelong friendships.

1. Be honest

Honesty is really the best policy. Good relationships are built on trust and trust comes with honesty. Superficial relationships usually fizzle over time. So, be honest if you want to have a solid friendship. Be honest and encourage your friend to be honest. Honesty will not only help you build a great relationship with your friend, but it will also help you to know yourself better. This will help you feel more connected to your friend. Honesty helps you avoid cynicism and boiling over in a moment due to suspicion.

2. Don’t forget to clear the misunderstandings

In friendship, two or more people know each other well. So, they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Friends must know how to cheer each other up. Use your words wisely and don’t say hurtful things in the moments of tension. No person is perfect. Everyone messes up at times. At any time in your life, if misunderstandings ever develop between you and your friend, it is imperative that you first clear those misunderstandings.

3. Apologize for your mistakes

Apologize for every single mistake you make. When you do this, your friend will follow the same pattern to return affection. If you do something that seems wrong to your friend, then tell him what your intention was. Let him know that you didn’t mean to hurt or punish him. Find out where you went wrong and tell the same to him. Never be afraid to be the one who reaches out. Time is precious! If you really think that your friend is a great person then take be the first one to break the ice.

4. Appreciate and thank your friend

Sometimes we take friendships for granted. We seldom say “Thanks” or “I love you” to our parents and friends. If you love a friend and appreciate what all he does for you, then show him the same. Make sure you express how you feel about your friendship. Make sure you tell your friend how you feel about his sweet gestures and care. When it comes to friendship or any other relationship, generosity is the key to happiness.

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