4 Ways to Decide If You are Friends or Lovers

Ways to Decide If You are Friends or Lovers

It is never easy to tell if you are going to be friends with someone for the rest of your life or if the friendship might turn into something else. A lot of people have friends that they are extremely close to, friends that they share every detail with and hang out a lot with. You cannot imagine a life without the best friend. However, it becomes a problem when your best friend happens to be from the other sex. There can be times when you are vulnerable and you end up making out with your best friend, or you get to a point when you start developing feelings other than friendship. It is at this stage when you need to stop and decide for yourself if you want to remain friends or if you want to become lovers. Here are some ways to decide if you are friends or lovers.

1. Weigh the pros and cons

Think a lot before you commit to anything with your friend. Do not give into the moment. Give it a lot of thought as once you become lovers, the equation between the two of you completely changes ad a lot of other factors come into the picture. Think if you want to let go of your friendship to become lovers. The upside is that your lover is also your best friend. Nothing beats that.

2. Try being lovers for a while

Not only that you can have a good laugh about it later on. It would be the joke you can always fall back on when you are feeling low or bad. The best thing about these situations with your friend is that none of you will have a bitter feelings when it does not work for you two. You will always know that the other person will be around for you.

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