What Are The Common Myths About Pregnancy?

What Are The Common Myths About Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is so often accompanied by baseless fears and uncertainties that it may cause pregnant women to panic. A pregnant woman needs to stay positive and stress free. If you are not sure about what you heard is a myth or not, then read ahead. We have discussed most common myths about pregnancy to help you gain a clear perspective and stay focused during your pregnancy.

Determining the baby’s sex
Most pregnant women love to play guess games with respect to their baby’s gender. However, the ultimate joy of discovering whether it is a boy or a girl is incomparable to knowing the gender of your baby before delivery itself. Some myths regarding the same are:

1. If a woman likes to eat salty items, it’s a boy. If she likes sweets, it’s a girl.

2. If the woman’s belly is pointed, it’s a boy. If her belly is spread, it’s a girl.

3. If the woman looks prettier that usual, it’s a boy. If the woman’s face doesn’t have that usual radiance, it’s a girl.

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