9 Amazing Health Benefits of Lavender Oil

Amazing Health Benefits of Lavender Oil

Lavender is the one of the most versatile herbs that has an endless list of benefits to perk up your nerves, health and home. Originally known for its therapeutic effects, lavender oil has many other amazing health benefits it can offer. Here is one such list.

1. It calms and relaxes your nerves

One of the widely known benefits of lavender essential oil is that it has tremendous ability to calm and relax your nerves. It is a great stress buster, relieves your tension and relaxes your body. Lavender oil helps in treating depression by enhancing your overall mood. Feelings of anxiety are abated and headaches are visibly reduced. Rub a few drops of lavender oil in your palms and take a deep breath to draw from the benefits of the oil.

2. It treats insomnia

Lavender essential oil has been widely used as an alternative form of treatment to cure insomnia. Regularity in sleep pattern has been observed by rubbing a couple of drops of lavender oil on pillows.

3. It helps you breathe easy

Therapy is one of the most common areas where lavender oil has proven its mettle. If you are prone to frequent throat infections, sinus congestion, flu and cold, lavender oil helps in treating these problems. Individuals with asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory problems find relief in lavender essential oil.

4. It helps to fight bacteria

One good reason why you should carry a small bottle of lavender essential oil whenever you step out is because the oil has exceptional abilities to bring down pain from cuts, burns and bruises. Bruises and burns usually heal leaving no scars. Lavender oil cuts down possibilities of bacterial infections on wounds. And hence, the oil works like magic on acne. It cuts down bacteria that produces excess sebum and reduces inflammation because of acne and pimples. Scars are also visibly reduced. Insect bites and bee stings find a fantastic solution in lavender oil.

5. It helps to relieve pain

One of the most important reasons why a small bottle of lavender oil is essential in every household is because the oil serves as an excellent pain reliever from a variety of aches. Many kinds of pain including muscle ache, back pain, sprain, rheumatism, post-surgical pain and migraine headache are controlled effectively with regular application of lavender essential oil.

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