Top 7 Squatting Exercises for a Sexy Body

Top 7 Squatting Exercises for a Sexy Body

Physical exercise is an important aspect of keeping the body fit and to maintain a steady build. No matter how little we eat or how much of protein we fill our muscles with, a balanced diet isn’t the only asset of walking down the road with spectacular abs, and those flexed calves. Toning the body is a necessary function when it comes to ensuring that you have a sexy body. In order to build one, there are tons of workout sessions one can participate in.

One major means of toning our muscles, the expanses of our bodies, is to practice squat exercises. Squats are primarily full body exercises which are induced as a form of strength enhancement. Essentially the muscles on our hips, thighs, buttocks and ham strings are stretched to their maximum and hence undergo periodic overloading. This is a form of making the muscles accustomed to load, thereby allowing the training to work on our upper, lower back and the abdominal surfaces as well. Listed here are some squatting exercises for a sexy body.

1. Squat Stretch

This exercise focuses on overall strength development where the muscles you apply for riding are basically worked on. The hands are kept together; elbows are outstretched similar to a deep squat position thereby improves the stability of the thigh muscles.

2. Hands behind Head Squats

Keeping your hands behind the head, ensure that your fingers are interlocked such that when you squat not only are your shoulders and elbows exercised but also the thighs.

3. Hands in Y Squats

Position your hands in the shape of a Y. Hands outstretched, you can carry on with your squat exercises.

4. Hindu Squats

In this exercise, hands are pulled into a fist, and you are supposed to swing your arms. Squat down and push back. This exercise could probably cause you a skin affliction. So, take it a little easy.

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