5 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day Even When Your Mom is Far Away

Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day Even When Your Mom is Far Away

We celebrate Mother’s Day so we can tell the important person in our lives that we love and cherish them. And that they are the most important person you would love to see happy and content. Not all of us is blessed to live close to our mothers or meet them whenever we want to. Our work or marriages can take us far from our mothers and that should not be an excuse to not celebrate Mother’s day. Distance should never be an issue when it comes to celebrating Mother’s Day and here are some ways to celebrate it even when your mom is far away.

1. Call her first thing in the morning

First thing in the morning, you can pick up the phone, wish her a happy mother’s day and go on to tell her how much you love her and how important a person she is in your life. Talk to her for a while and keep her updated on whatever is happening in your life. If you have kids, tell her stories about them. Make your kids join in on the call too. She would totally love that.

2. Send her flowers or gifts

A few clicks is all it takes to send her flowers and other gifts on this very special day. Make sure you take time to select her favorite flowers and add a custom touch to it. You can also pay a little extra and ask the agency to deliver a card along with it.

3. The two of you can do the same thing at the same time even when you are in different cities

So what if there are a few hundred or thousand miles between the two of you. Coordinate the time and a favorite thing to do. It could be as simple as taking a walk in the park or lying down with a book in your hand. You can either call each other or just do it knowing your mom would be doing the same thing.

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