5 Tips on How to Flirt on the Phone

5 Tips on How to Flirt on the Phone

Flirting is an art of talking which is fun, exciting and romantic. A way of attracting the opposite sex, flirting is just human nature. A good flirt knows the trick to hook the other person right from the beginning. As many a times, flirting happens over phone, it is better to know the art of flirting than doing it wrongly.

Generally flirting starts after an initial meeting and after you develop a bond with the other person. When you flirt over the phone, you need to sustain that vibe throughout and work towards the next step. Check out 5 tips on how to flirt on the phone.

1. Talk about the first meeting

Most of the times, you will be confused regarding the topic of your conversation, or rather on how to start a conversation. One quick way of moving forward is by bringing the feeling of the first meeting by remembering some hilarious or stupid events that happened at that time. It’s easy to move on from there.

2. Plan the topics

Well, it is not absurd to spend some quite moments over phone initially. It is very common. However, if you feel it’s awkward, plan the topics before you ring. You can ask about the other person’s interests, likes, dislikes or if you remember them mentioning about it during your first meeting, ask them more about it. Don’t make it boring by discussing the weather at your places! Always let the other person talk, be a good listener and that will help you score more.

3. Please a lot!

Everyone loves to be flattered. So, you can please the other by complimenting their voice, dressing sense, body/figure and sexiness. You might get a return question seeking your concept of beauty with brains. Be honest; give an honest reply, as you are now being judged by your opinion. If you are able to make an impression that you have a choice or judgment of your own, you have half won!

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