7 Tips for Managing Household Chores

7 Tips for Managing Household Chores

Do household chores seem like a nightmare? Are you finding it difficult to manage the kids, do the laundry and the dishes, cook and clean all at the same time? We give you some sensible tips for managing household chores.

1. Plan, plan, plan!

It’s a great idea to plan your day if you have many chores at hand. It’s better still if you plan a day in advance or even during the weekend for the week ahead. This is especially necessary if you have a big family or need to fit in yoga classes, walking the dog and picking up your kids from soccer along with running the house. Chalk out a schedule and try to stick to it as much as possible. This will prevent you from stressing out and doing too many things at one time.

2. Rope in family members

Your husband or other family members can pitch in with tasks that can be allocated to them. Discuss what tasks can be given to individual members of your family and let them be responsible for them. If everyone can do a little bit, no one needs to do a lot. So let your children tidy their rooms, make a rota for taking the garbage out or for loading the dishwasher. The household is not just the woman’s responsibility.

3. Do chores simultaneously

The biggest time-saver you have is doing chores simultaneously. Figure out the tasks that can be done hand in hand and this will help you save time. Load the washing machine when you start cooking dinner or when you are vacuuming the house. You can also make a grocery list while you are waiting for the dinner to cook in the oven. It is also a good idea to listen to music while you do your chores – it makes the work go faster and you’re kept in good spirits!

4. Cook sensibly

Food is always the biggest problem especially when you want to give the best to your family. Cooking elaborately every day is quite a chore. However, there are loads of tasty and nutritive dishes that can be made quickly and easily. All that it requires is a quick surf on the internet for recipes before you step out for grocery shopping. Pick up the essential ingredients, store them for that week or more and make dishes that are new, healthy and tasty. If you have a big family, try to make dishes that are simple. A crock pot for example, can be healthy and effective. A lavish meal can be set aside for Sunday dinners.

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