5 Tips on How to Tell Your Children the Anatomical Difference Between Girls and Boys

Tips on How to Tell Your Children the Anatomical Difference Between Girls and Boys

It can be quite awkward when your kids ask you some questions regarding their private parts. Your daughter’s innocent doubts like, “why doesn’t my brother have a vagina?” can catch you off guard. Remember, you should never mislead them with wrong information. Explaining your children about the anatomical differences between boys and girls does not have to be confusing or distressing. Here are 5 tips to help you talk to your children about it.

1. Use proper terminology

To ensure that your child has a proper understanding of what you are explaining, it is important for you to be truthful. It is best to use proper anatomical terms instead of using cute but confusing words to indicate the body parts. Refer to it as a “penis” and “vagina” in place of words like “pee pee” or “wee wee”. The usage of the right technical terms creates a good foundation for better understanding later on.

2. Talk in clear terms

Using euphemisms to talk to your children about anatomical difference between girls and boys can lead to confusion. It helps to be clear so that they are left with no more questions. Think for a moment before you answer their questions. Keep in mind, superficial talk or confusing answers will not help them in any way. It is best to be as clear as is required for their comprehension.

3. Keep it short

Instead of explaining in detail or giving long-winded answers, it helps to be crisp and clear. Do not feel as if you have to address the entire male and female body and psychology. If your children have more questions, they will ask.

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