6 Different Types of Lovers Who Exist

6 Different Types of Lovers Who Exist

Women, in general, love the idea of being in love. Not all are romantic, but even the most hardcore feminist will tell you how she wouldn’t mind a guy sweeping her off her feet, and proving her wrong on all the bad notions she holds about men. While most females are a mix of all of these attributes listed here, different traits take center stage for different women when they are in a relationship. Here’s looking at the 6 kinds of lover girls out there. Read on to identify which one could be you.

1. The Best Friend

These are the kind of girls who believe that close friendship between a boy and a girl can only lead to romance. They are more of best friends to their guys than a girlfriend. They are always there for them, share everything with them, and can talk to them about anything under the sun. They simply don’t get how love happens at first sight because for them, love is a gradual extension of deep friendship only. They want their guys as well, to consider them a friend first and then a lover.

2. The Player

She is the kind of girl who is desired by many guys and she loves reveling in their attention. Even if she is dating someone, she wouldn’t really cheat, but she also wouldn’t mind being best friends with guys, flirting with them, clicking cozy pictures with them and well, you get the drift. She is a player, so she will more often than not, project herself as single and be ever ready to mingle.

3. The Romantic

We all know many women who are die hard romantics, in fact, you, yourself, could very well be her, for most women are known to be fans of romance. Although, people, in general, need love, this woman feels love is life, and everything in her life revolves around her lover. She dreams of Prince Charming, a grand wedding, an epic love story; devours dozens of Mills and Boons books and loves romcoms. She expects her man to fulfill her romantic dreams, and he has got to be slightly whimsical as well, to keep pace with her.

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