5 Ways to Politely Make Your Point

5 Ways to Politely Make Your Point

Many people are under the impression that by raising your pitch, showing your strength and power, others will accept your views and opinions. You need to be smart enough to know how to convince people and state your point politely. Here are 5 ways to politely make your point.

1. Do not criticize others’ opinions

In order to make your point politely you need to ensure that you are not criticizing or demeaning other people’s opinion. This way you would come across as rude and impolite. You need to focus on your point and state it calmly and politely rather that criticizing others to prove yourself correct.

2. Do not show blunt disagreement

If you bluntly and rudely show your disagreement to someone’s view, then that surely will not be considered as polite. If you want to state your point politely, choose your words correctly. You could just say that, “I have a different take from you” and make your point. This way you are showing respect and making your point.

3. Learn to listen first

You need to listen first to what others have to say with patience and only then will your point will be considered. If you don’t listen to others and try to shun them in order to speak and prove your point then you will be rude. Listen, let the person finish, then state your point and this way others also won’t interrupt you.

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