6 Ways To Become A Better Reader

6 Ways To Become A Better Reader

Information on digital media has sort of made the conventional style of reading very mundane. People these days are hooked on to the Internet to read articles, news, editorials and a lot more, which are written in crisp functional language, accompanied mostly with pictures and interesting memes or graphics. That somehow reduces our patience levels with a book that needs deep attention to go through pages and pages of details. While quick information and summaries on the Internet are great for a fast-paced generation, it does kill our reading capabilities.

People who still read books these days vouch for the fact that their reading habit is the only thing that keeps their language skills intact. Had they been dependent on the reading materials that the Internet provides, they would have definitely not developed a love for literature. Wondering whether you too need to understand this more?

Well, we’ve listed here a few ways to become a better reader. Once you go through them, you will realize how much of the experiences you are missing out on when you are not doing the conventional form of reading.

1. Read Slow

The good thing with books is that there are no pop-up ads or other forms of distractions around you. There is also no run-out time for the materials you are reading, because you can always flip the pages back and forth at your own pace and as per your own comfort. So read slowly, grasping every word and sentence, allowing it to sink in. That will help you to understand things a lot better.

2. Read A Lot

Expose yourself to different kinds of books. Read fiction, non-fiction, news etc. and make yourself aware of the different kinds of reading materials available in the world. Soon, you will understand your preferences and tastes better, and will start to identify the differences between various styles of writing and books, improving your language skills and abilities.

3. Read Aloud

A good way to let the information sink in well is to read aloud. This is the kind of exercise that kids are made to do in school to memorize and understand things well. If you are new to reading and have just started trying to make it a habit, then you must read aloud to help you maintain concentration, as well as to make you understand things better.

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