8 Ways of Controlling a Cranky Child

8 Ways of Controlling a Cranky Child

A cranky child or a toddler can upset the environment of a house. Crankiness and mood swings can also affect your child’s health. To soothe and de-stress your cranky child, take a cue from some of these tips.

1. Don’t pay extra attention

The first and foremost thing you need to do to stop fueling crankiness in your child is to quit paying attention the minute his/her whining starts. If your child manages to get your attention, you will step into the quicksand of giving in to your child’s demands.

2. Forbid your child’s favorite things

Does your child love watching TV, playing video games or eating ice cream? Take advantage of your child’s weaknesses by forbidding them to do so, when crankiness prevails. Once you do this repeatedly, your kid may get a clear message and will start equating crankiness to forbiddance of their favorite things.

3. Stop giving rewards as bait

Many parents make the mistake of giving into their child’s tantrums by giving rewards to stop them from whining. If you too are in the habit of doing this, you may be setting a very bad precedent. Your child will keep dominating if you use rewards as bait. Stop doing this and set the rules straight that you are the one in control, not your child.

4. Check for preliminary symptoms of illness

Toddlers and very young children may need to be screened for symptoms of basic illnesses such as flu, cold or indigestion if they seem to be complaining all the time. Little kids may not be able to express their physical discomfort too well, which may be the cause of their crankiness.

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