10 Common Mistakes Women Make With Men

10 Common Mistakes Women Make With Men

As it is said, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Hence, there’s a strong magnetic attraction between them. But, this attraction, most of the times, does not last long. You may bump into the most prospective guy at a club and exchange your numbers. A few dates later (which you thought were perfect), he dumps you! Wondering why? Well, you must have made one of the mistakes enlisted below. Find out right now.

1. Being too available

Big mistake! It is important to be there for him, however being available all the time is not good. Chances are that he will take you for granted in the long run. You may also come across as a desperate woman trying hard to get him. Men tend to get attracted to women who are a little challenge. Show him that you also have a lot in life besides him.

2. Being impractical

Many women live in a fairyland, where they expect their man to be Prince Charming. No one can be the most perfect man in the world. Everyone has some flaws in them, so you need to accept him along with his shortcomings.

3. Being too honest too soon

Never be too honest very soon. Don’t go about sharing intimate details on the first date itself. You may bug your date. Getting to know each other should be step by step. It takes time. In fact, men tend to find women, who are not very open about themselves, interesting.

4. Being too gullible

Trust is important. However, don’t trust any one blindly in the ‘getting-to-know’ stage. That does not mean you go about showing them that you are suspicious. But, don’t believe every word they say. Men tend to flatter women, to appear charming. They may also put up a false front to appear more appealing. It is necessary to keep your eyes and ears open in order to catch the fake from the real.

5. Being a control freak

Don’t be obsessed with taking charge all the time. Be it planning for a date or making reservations, sometimes it is fine to sit back and let the man do the work. It boosts their ego and makes them feel powerful. But if you go about being a control freak and taking total charge of their lives, it may scare them away. So relax!

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