10 Facts About Johnny Depp You May Want To Know

10 Facts About Johnny Depp You May Want To Know

Johnny Depp has acted in many movies that have got him worldwide fame. Born in Kentucky, he faced many family related problems. But overcoming all that, he found his way to Hollywood. However, in the beginning he started his acting career with TV and later on went to do hugely popular films. Wouldn’t you like to know a few things about Johnny Depp? After all, he was voted as the Sexiest Man Alive twice! So, let’s dig up some interesting facts about him.

1.He started smoking at the age of 12

Ahem. Ahem. Yes girls, this heartthrob of an actor started smoking as early as age 12. Now that’s not a good thing to do Mr. Depp. And think of the implications that this might have had on the younger generation who emulate celebrities. Anyway, what’s done is done. But we bet you all didn’t know about this, right?

2.He’s never won an Oscar

Oh! That sucks for him and all you fans out there who love him, right? He’s been awarded with the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award for best actor, but he is yet to get an Academy award. He has been nominated thrice in the Best Actor category, but has failed to get an Oscar till now.

3.He’s recorded songs with Oasis

When Johnny was a little boy, he played around with his guitar which was the reason why he wanted to become a rock star at that age. He even dropped out of school for the same! But destiny had different plans for him. Yet, he played the guitar for the band Oasis. These songs appeared on their 1997 album ‘Be Here Now’.

4.He was a model too

Yes girls, Johnny Depp has also tried his hands at modeling! In 1999, he modeled for the hugely popular brand H&M for a European ad campaign. That time H&M wasn’t that famous as it’s now, yet having a young and smart looking Johnny Depp on billboards must surely have increased their ratings!

5.He directs his girlfriend’s music videos

Johnny Depp always liked to try his hands at direction. So when his girlfriend Vanessa Paradis wanted to sing and be in music videos, Depp happily agreed to turn director for her. Since 2001, he has been directing Vanessa’s French music videos.

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