6 Fun Facts about the January Birth Flower

6 Fun Facts about the January Birth Flower

The birth flower for January is the Carnation. It implies that all the people born in January share this sweet scented flower as their birth flower. This pretty flower is believed to have originated in the ‘Mediterranean region’ and has been cultivated since the last 2000 years. This beautiful looking flower is widely produced in Colombia. Here are certain facts about the birth flower.

1. Origin of Name

The scientific name for the Carnation is, ‘Dianthus Caryophyllus’. The name ‘Carnation’ is believed to have come from its use in making the traditional Greek ceremonial crowns. Some people believe, the name also has Latin roots as the word ‘caro’ in Latin refers to the natural color of the flower and also relates to incarnito (incarnation) of flesh.

2. Physical Appearance

It is a herbaceous plant with grayish-green slender leaves which usually grows up to 80 cm tall. It grows throughout the year. Carnations, though normally bright pinkish-purple in color, also come in other various colors like pink, red, white and green.

3. Symbolic Meaning

The Carnation symbolizes strong and soothing characteristics such as love, beauty, fascination and distinction. The Carnation also denotes bravery and friendship. Different colored Carnations stand as symbols for different feelings. A light red Carnation represents respect and adoration, while a dark red Carnation shows true love and affection. White Carnations stand for good luck, and a purple Carnation symbolizes unusualness.

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