6 Health Benefits of Japanese Food

6 Health Benefits of Japanese Food

Together with the Mediterranean diet, the Japanese food and food habits are also considered to be one of the healthiest. This is not to say all Japanese food is healthy, but a major portion of their diet consists of healthy food such as fish, vegetables and tofu which are non-fatty. Also Japanese food is served in smaller portions to prevent over eating. Their trick is to eat with the eyes; delicious low calorie foods presented beautifully in ornate plates and cute little dishes.

1. Tea or Green tea

The Japanese love to drink a lot of tea. Jasmine tea, scented tea and green tea are some of the favorites. They do not add milk and sugar and hence it remains healthy. Also green tea has a lot of antioxidants which protects your cells. It also makes you feel fuller, preventing you from eating a lot.

2. Fish

There is a lot of fish in the Japanese diet and it is made in various ways. It can be raw; sushi and teriyaki rolls, it can be fried; it can be baked poached or steamed. Apart from the protein from the fish, fish have omega 3 fatty acids which make your skin look shiny and beautiful.

3. Soy

Apart from fish, the Japanese also have soy, tofu and natto as their staple food and as a source of protein. These again are less in fat and contain more nutrients essential to the body. They use soy to make sauce, noodles and other food items.

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