5 Ways Christmas has Evolved Through the Ages

5 Ways Christmas has Evolved Through the Ages

Christmas was not always as we know it today. Just as the church has undergone a lot of changes over the many centuries, Christmas too has been celebrated in a lot of different ways. Here is a short summary of how Christmas has evolved over the years.

1. Christmas was not celebrated on the 25th of December

We do not know for sure when Christ was exactly born, but the fact is the 25th of December being celebrated as Christmas had more to do with political reasons that necessarily religious. It was a symbol of Christianity taking over the pagan religions of Rome and becoming the official religion.

2. There were not Christmas carols or songs in the beginning

It took a lot of centuries before people started singing Christmas songs around Christmas time. Just as the way the celebration of Christmas changed and evolved over the years, the songs also changed. What was once a very formal celebration with solemn songs soon became more joyous and celebratory.

3. Santa is pretty young too

You may think that Santa must really old, but Santa was also a recent addition to the Christmas season and he is only a little over few decades old. Santa signified the commercial character and evolution of Christmas.

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