5 Tips to Stay Fit During Christmas

5 Tips to Stay Fit During Christmas

Christmas is the day when we eat a lot. Period. It is so difficult to give up on all the tasty treats that we see in our homes, at friend’s places and on almost in all of the restaurants and cafés. Not to mention the numerous parties we would be attending over the holiday season. You do not have to give up on eating the holiday goodies to stay fit. There are other ways to stay fit during Christmas without having to sacrifice on good food. Here are some ways to stay fit during Christmas.

1. Do not give up on your exercise regimen

You may feel like sleeping in late and curling up on the bed during the holiday, but there is more reason as to why you should stick to your schedule. You will be eating a lot and you should just stick to your exercise regimen to maintain your fitness levels.

2. Increase your tempo a bit

If you normally do 50 squats a day, then you could probably increase it to 60 squats just during Christmas, so you can keep away all that fat from depositing in your abdomen and other problem areas. You can even make it up by running a bit more.

3. Eat everything but in small portions

Do not be a saint and give up on tasty food completely during Christmas. Taste everything that is being offered to you, but take it in small portions, so you can eat them as well as stay fit at the same time.

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