6 Signs You Were Born In The 80s

6 Signs You Were Born In The 80s

Every person born in a particular decade exhibits some of the characteristics that were shaped by the events of that particular decade. Be it their work ethics, value systems or beliefs in certain things, there is a marked difference in people from different generations. It is possible to accurately find out someone’s age by listening to them talk about their past experiences. Each decade has its own style and each generation follows it and there are always some remnants of their growing up years even if 2 or more decades have passed since their birth. The 80’s was a decade that did not stand out for any cultural revolution of sorts unlike the 60’s. Technology and internet were in the infant stages and the television media was also experiencing a lot of changes. These things did play an important role in anyone who was born in the 80’s. Here are some signs that you were born in the 80’s.

1. You are in your early thirties or mid to late twenties

What can be a more perfect sign that you are an 80’s child that your age. You will most probably be reminded of this every time you open a new online account for a social media platform or some apps. You scroll down really low to reach somewhere in the 80’s and realize that three decades have passed since you were born. You start reminiscing about the good old days every time you see it.

2. You still own tapes

Although you would have still been a kid, it is perfectly possible that you still own tapes form that decade, especially tapes that are filled with songs that you recorded from different albums. You will also have an old cd that u burned with photos and mp3 songs.

3. You refer to yourself as a 90’s kid

Although you were born in the 80’s it was actually in the 90’s that you really came of age and started knowing more things about the world. You would most probably recognize things that happened in the 90’s than what happened in the 80’s.

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