5 Signs Your Crush Loves Someone Else

5 Signs Your Crush Loves Someone Else

A crush is nothing but a strong attraction that you feel for someone. This is why you try to approach, attract or lure that person. The crush may end up being one sided or if you are lucky, your crush may end up feeling the same for you. There are chances that your crush may like someone else and so he wouldn’t pay attention to you. Here are 5 signs your crush loves someone else.

1. He is talking about someone else

If your crush keeps talking about someone else, keeps bringing up that person’s name or topic between your conversations, then there are chances that he loves someone else. You should take the hint because while having the conversation with you, his focus should be on you and not elsewhere.

2. He is hanging out with someone else

If you have seen your crush spending time and hanging out with someone in particular and so have your friends seen the same, then there are chances that your crush is only one sided. There are chances that something is cooking between them.

3. He is not paying attention to you

If you are hanging out with your crush and he is constantly into his phone, checking something or texting someone, he doesn’t look at you much, doesn’t pay attention to what you say, these signs show that he isn’t into you and possibly loves someone else. So take the hint and move on.

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