Top 5 Running Myths You Must Know

Top 5 Running Myths You Must Know

Everyone knows that running regularly is really healthy for the body, and that it helps to reduce weight. However, what most people don’t know is that they are living with half knowledge. They only know that running is good, but have no clue whatsoever on what all needs to be done before a run and after it. This kind of lack of information has led to a lot of myths being circulated among people, which often hamper the process and affect the effectiveness and results of regular running. Mentioned here are some of the top running myths, and an attempt is made to debunk them with valid explanations. Go through them to find out which are the mistakes that you are making.

1. Only thin people can run

A body type or someone’s figure is not the measure of a person’s stamina or fitness levels. Just because a person is thin, it doesn’t guarantee that he or she will be able to run faster or more than a person who is fatter. Anybody and everybody can run, and with proper training and supervision, everybody can enjoy the benefits of regular running.

2. Stretching is a must before running

No it’s not. For you to be able to stretch and get some flexibility in your body, it is important that your muscles are warmed up. And that happens ‘after’ you have had the run, not ‘before’ it. Before the run, your muscles are still cold and are in a stiff state, where chances of injury are higher.

3. Running affects your knee health

It doesn’t. People earlier used to think that running brings in extra force each time your feet hit the ground, and that has a major impact on the knees and the tissues there. However, the truth is that when you are running, even though the impact is more, your number of strides is still less because of the larger distances you cover each time your foot touches the ground. Plus, in some cases, running has actually been successful in curing knee and other joint problems rather than causing them.

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