8 Tips To Take Care Of Eyelashes

Tips To Take Care Of Eyelashes

Beautiful, healthy and long eyelashes are a sign of beauty. They outline our eyes and make them appear attractive. Women use cosmetics, fake lashes or some even go for surgery to make them appear longer. Here we show to you with just 10 tips on how to take care of your lashes.

1. Use only branded products for your eyes

As far as possible; avoid using cosmetics for your eyes. If necessary, use a renowned, branded product. Be it your eyeliner or the mascara you use, don’t ever settle for cheap, doubtful cosmetics as they can be harmful to both your eyelashes and your eyes.

2. Try a strengthening solution

Use lash-strengthening serum to add volume and fluff to your eye-lashes and to make them stronger from the roots. If you are using a mascara, start by applying the serum first and then coat it with the

3. Don’t leave cosmetics on for long

This goes out especially to the mascara you use. Make sure that you remove it and reapply it after a long time, if you need to wear it for the whole day. Leaving your mascara for a long time can cause your lashes to become brittle and weak. This may result in breakage.

4. Don’t use fake eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are fixed using glue on your natural lashes. So when you remove them, some amount of your real lashes fall off. Hence, don’t use them at all. If absolutely necessary or for a really special occasion, make sure that a professional puts them and removes them for you.

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