How To Go Green?

How To Go Green?

‘Green’ seems to be the raging trend these days. Many people are emphasizing the need to go green and help save the environment. The cause has been taken up by many corporate giants as a part of the ‘Corporate-Social Responsibility’ programs and thus, public awareness about the environment has increased a lot. “But what is my role in this?”, you may wonder. Tremendous, we say. By choosing to go green, you will help preserve the world for the generations to come. Here are some ways for you to go green and do your bit for the environment.

1. The three R’s

The three R’s are very essential to the cause of the environment. These are reduce, reuse and recycle. The term is used specially in case of plastic. If we reduce the consumption of plastic, there won’t be a need to manufacture more. If we reuse what we already have, it would serve our purpose. The most important is recycling. With recycling, plastic can be molded to a new form and put to use again. Since plastic is synthetic in nature, it does not decompose and would simply accumulate on earth. These steps ensure that creation of plastic is reduced substantially.

2. Cars

Cars are another menace on planet earth. It is healthier for you and the environment to walk short distances than use the car. Car-pooling is an effective way to ensure that the number of cars on the road is reduced. You and your colleagues can make an arrangement or you may volunteer to drop the kids of your neighbors to school on certain days. Reducing the number of cars reduces the amount of the harmful fumes released in the environment.

3. Organic foods

Organic foods are a safer alternative to use. Organic foods may be priced a little higher than your regular fruits and vegetables. However, they have been grown in a completely natural way, thus reducing any possibility of harmful pesticides and insecticides adding to the environment. These have harmful effects on the body and can cause hordes of diseases and disorders. Therefore, use organic food.

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