5 iPhone Apps for Super Busy Mothers

IPhone Apps for Super Busy Mothers

Modern mommies are generally busy as they have tons of errands up their sleeves. They may have to balance work with their personal and family life. To get through a hectic schedule, here are a few iPhone apps that super busy moms can use to deal with kids, sort schedules or run errands.

1. Baby Tracker

Baby Tracker is an app that can come handy to busy moms especially when their kids are really young. It may become difficult for working moms to keep track of time slots of feeding or bathing their babies, changing their nappies or putting them to sleep. Baby Tracker is like a nanny in the form of an iPhone app, and can help such moms keep control over their baby’s routines, getting handy tips for parenting and some ideas for activities and games.

2. Cozi

Cozi is an iPhone app that has won multiple awards and good recommendations from users. This app is meant for managing busy schedules of a family, and can be used particularly by a busy mom to ensure that everything is under control. From a centralized calendar to customized shopping lists, from family journal to color codes for each family member– Cozi is an effective way for a mother to manage her family. After all, the responsibilities of a mother lie not only toward her children but also toward the whole family.

3. Bank of Mom

A busy mom may find it impossible to teach her growing child about the basics of personal finance and importance of managing money. Bank of Mom is a neat iPhone app which can come to the rescue of such moms and make teaching money matters an easy job. This app is a multiple award winner and can teach your kids how to keep track of their money by building virtual accounts. Without getting into the hassles of reading tedious books, moms can teach their kids about concepts of balance, interest, savings and how to develop healthy financial habits.

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