How to Point Out a Mistake to Your Coworker?

How to Point Out a Mistake to Your Coworker?

Being able to point out a mistake to someone without offending him/her is an art that can’t be mastered even after years of experience. It is a fact that no one likes to hear that they are wrong. So if you decide to point out a mistake to a coworker at your workplace, you need to do it in such a way that it does not lead to any bitter feelings. Read the following piece to ensure that next time you are pointing out a mistake to your coworker, you do it the right way.

1. Have the right attitude

Just because you can criticize someone, do not do so ungracefully. Mistakes really are what make us human. And remember, you could be the one at the receiving end the next time. No matter how severe the mistake is, keep in mind that you do not have the right to insult anyone.
So, use polite words and proper tone to talk to your coworker about his/her mistake. Treat him/her the way you would like to be treated if you had committed a mistake.

2. Have a private conversation

Even if you can, do not talk in public about your coworker’s mistake. Ask him/her to meet you in a conference room and then discuss. If you work in different locations, then initiate a meeting request through phone and go to a conference room to talk about the issue.

3. Have the facts in hand

When you want to tell somebody that he/she is wrong, you need to have sufficient facts to back your claim. Explain to your coworker as to why he/she is wrong, or why you think he/she has made a mistake. Provide as much information as possible to make him/her understand and accept the mistake.

4. Have an open mind

It is a possibility that your coworker’s mistake is really not a mistake. You could have overlooked or misunderstood something. So, it is imperative to have an open mind while discussing your coworker’s mistake with him/her. And if at the end of it all, you feel that you were the one who did a mistake by blaming your colleague, apologize without any reservations.

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