6 Tips for Unique Christmas Decorations

6 Tips for Unique Christmas Decorations

Once again, the festive season is upon the world and it is time to celebrate Christmas with renewed gusto. If you want your Christmas preparation to be different than last year, you can do so by changing up your decorations and trying something unique. Here are a few ideas that you can use to create innovative Christmas decorations.

1. Garden basket

Everyone hangs mistletoe on their front doors during Christmas time. What will you do to make your mistletoe different? Make a garden basket which can be hanged on the front door in the middle of your mistletoe. Buy a wrought iron hanging rack, create a bouquet of Christmas flowers including Christmas rose, ivy, cactus and holly, add Christmas balls and other traditional knick-knacks and hang the rack on your door. Place the mistletoe around your garden basket to create a truly unique Christmas decoration.

2. Red Bows

Have you thought about the fact that you could be underutilizing red bows for Christmas decorations? It is not necessary that you should use bows only in decorating Christmas trees and gifts. You can also use these bows creatively to decorate your mailbox, tree trunks in the garden, pillars in the driveway and doorknobs in every room. Add a customized touch to your red bows by pasting sequined patterns on them. You can also attach red bows to stuff toys if you want to decorate a kid’s room.

3. Dry twig decorations

Not many people would think of using dry twigs in Christmas decorations but if they are done up the right way, they can make a living space look very sophisticated. Buy a see through vase and place a few colorful stones in its base. Place a few dry twigs in the vase and separate each twig. Get some red light bulbs and place one bulb on each twig extension. If the base of your vase is wide, you can also intersperse a few white candles in between. This unique decoration has the potential to become a conversation starter.

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