5 Things that Happen When You Get Sick of Arguments With Your Boyfriend

 Things that Happen When You Get Sick of Arguments With Your Boyfriend

Arguments are part of every relationship. We argue over a lot of things. It could be about the lack of time spent with each other, lack of money to run a house, it could be an argument about friends, about the amount of time spent working or watching a game or TV. The reasons for arguing are many. There can be pretty constructive arguments too at times, when you argue about politics and such things. But there comes a time when arguments become the daily norm instead of being once-in-a-while occurrences. Everything you say or do or everything that your boyfriend does or says just seems like a provocation for an argument. All you can think of when you look at your relationship is the non-stop arguments even over things that brought you happiness once upon a time. After a while, you just grow sick of arguments with your boyfriend and here is what you can expect when that happens.

1. You seriously think of breaking up with your boyfriend

When the arguments become one too many and also becomes too difficult to handle, you start seriously thinking of breaking up with your boyfriend. Love slowly turns to hatred and then plain indifference and you see no point in being with someone who does not make you happy anymore.

2. You look for ways to completely end it with him

You look for reasons either in things that you do or you wait patiently to pounce on him and announce that you are going to break up with him. Sometimes you can also blow an argument into gigantic proportions just so you can tell him that you want to break up with him and do not want to continue doing it anymore.

3. You retreat into your own shell

Sometimes when you argue a lot and are very tired of it, you try and put a stop to it by shutting up completely. You let him get away with whatever and do not say a word just because you do not want to argue anymore. Sometimes you may even start lying as the truth would just lead to too many arguments.

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