Top 5 Tips About Wine Etiquette You Must Know

Top 5 Tips About Wine Etiquette You Must Know

Jade, 32 and Trevor, 30 are both partners and wine connoisseurs in their own right. They talk about some of the most important wine drinking etiquettes that you should follow while drinking wine or even while going on a wine tasting tour. “Don’t embarrass yourself and make sure you follow these wine drinking etiquettes”, chuckled Jade.

1. Hold your glass by the stem

“It is a pity when people walk into a restaurant or a bar, order wine and hold the wine glasses with their fingerprints being left all over the glass bowl. Besides the fact that this heats up the wine, it is an eyesore too!”, exclaimed Jade. Remember this wine drinking etiquette and make sure you hold the glass by the stem, unless of course you are drinking from a stemless wine glass.

2. Avoid strong perfumes at wine tasting

“There is nothing more annoying at a wine tasting event than visitors who have doused themselves in strong perfumes and deodorants. Smell is an important part of tasting wine correctly. Be considerate and allow the people around you to enjoy the scent and smell of their wine, rather than that of your perfume”, explained Trevor. We are sure you wouldn’t like it if you are trying to take in the smell of an expensive Pinot Noir but you can’t, simply because the woman beside you has put on too much perfume. That’s exactly why you should follow this wine drinking etiquette and be mindful of the wine drinking experience of others around you.

3. Say no to chewing gum or mints

Chewing on gum or having mints between or while drinking wine is an absolute no-no. “Chewing gum or having mint between sips or between drinks is an absolute insult of the wine and the host. If you have been chewing gum earlier, make sure you throw it and rinse your mouth to generate a fresh palette”, Trevor said.

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