15 Worst Gifts to Get Your Boyfriend

15 Worst Gifts to Get Your Boyfriend

Everyone wants to buy gifts for their boyfriends. But how do you know what to buy? Most importantly, what not? Here are a few things you must avoid as gifts to get your boyfriend.

1. A Grooming Kit

You may think this would make your guy feel elated, but this gift of yours will definitely end up somewhere in the corner. Unlike girls, guys don’t stare at the mirrors trying different styles all day long nor are they that conscious about their looks. So you need not give that to your guy.

2. Stuffed Toys

Guys are creatures who don’t appreciate “cute & fluffy” toys as much as you do. Though they may have some amount of affection towards it as it is from their loved one, it eventually will find a dusty corner in their room.

3. Undergarments

Guys know their own comforts better than anyone possibly could. One of the obvious reasons is you don’t know the size. And most of them wouldn’t like a form fitting undies, even though women feel it would be manly.

4. Decorative stuff

Guys are usually territorial about their homes and resist advice from others. In other words, they are quite unwelcome about girls suggesting something for decorating their house. So unless you know exactly what he wants or needs, don’t even think about it.

5. Video games

Your guy just loves video games, so you can gift him one is the general advice you get. Don’t! He would probably end up with an addiction and will start paying less attention to you. Guys are little boys in the heart and may convince you into getting you one, so stay away from it.

6. Gym equipment

You may want him to lose a few pounds, so you decide to gift him this. But this would end up making him a feel bad that you are into his physical form rather than himself as a whole. So you better not give him this. Plus, most guys would more likely want to work out at the gym rather than at home.

7. Artwork

Most of the guys don’t have a thing for art. The painting which you give him has high chances of going just next to his dart game board, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you find a few dart holes on your costly painting when you visit your boyfriend the next time.

8. Clothes

If you are unsure about the size of this clothing, you better stay away from it. Loose clothing isn’t much appreciated. He may hate that red sweater you think that is cute.

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